How to Live With More Intention

Our time and attention are the most precious currency we have. At the end of our days, it won’t be money or things that will matter to us. What will matter most is how we spent our time and who we spent it with. In this modern age where we’re constantly attached to our screens and addicted to dings and likes — we often lose sight of what’s really important.

Living intentionally is about learning how to live with purpose and meaning. When we’re in our bubbles: working the 9–5, living only for the weekends, and placing our attention in the digital world and the media — it’s very easy to fall into autopilot. It’s a mental state where we lose touch with reality and the things that truly matter to us. It’s important to recognize when we’re in that state, and wake ourselves up to be more conscious of what’s happening within us and around us. Here are ways to be more intentional every day.

1. Check in with your body. Ask what it needs.

2. Choose what you consume and where you place your energy.

3. Practice self-awareness.

4. Cultivate a positive and healthy mindset.

5. Reflect and set your intentions.

Our mission is to help you find joy in your journey.

Our mission is to help you find joy in your journey.